Recess Osaka West

On this Monday morning I would like to show you this designer’s mansion.

It seems that I am only into designers mansions lately, but of course if I move to Japan I also want to enjoy the best design, the impressive architecture of this country. A good design helps rise the quality of life, doesn’t it?
This one is located near the large Yodogawa river, at the north of Osaka city, not far from Umeda and its business and commercial areas. It is only 4 minutes to Himejima station, on the Hanshin line.

The complex was built two years ago and all flats are two storeys, as they all include a large loft which can absolutely be used as an extra room or bedroom.

Let me show you some pictures of the model rooms:

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Did you like the ideas from the landlords?

It includes all commodities and amenities of modern flats in Japan. High security, UV blocking windows, free internet, ceiling fan, bathroom and toilet separate, system kitchen, post box for parcels and something that will make many of you want to live here, pets are allowed!

Here are the floor plan and the entrance area:

And only…

  • Monthly rent: 92 000 yen
  • Key money: 166 000 yen
  • Deposit: ZERO
  • Free Internet!
Contact us anytime! We are in Osaka, so if you are calling from abroad, don’t forget to dial 0081 😉
Just give us a call anytime!
Apamanshop Nodahanshin
〒553-0001 Osaka-shi, Fukushima-ku, Ebie 2-1-41
TEL:06-6343-6262 / FAX:06-6434-6263/ or

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