Freesia Garden

I so wanted to show you this house!

It is perfect to move with all members of your family. It has 3 floors! With this beautiful light and shadow’s softness in Japanese houses. Nothing less than a Designer’s Mansion, but not a flat, a whole house in this fantastic complex of houses called Freesia garden .

On the basement there is the main bathroom, a toilet and the laundry area. And the parking place. Included in the rent, no need to worry about that.

On the first floor, the living-dining room, the counter kitchen, the pantry and the second toilet.

The southern wall is all glass, with a balcony inside. Having breakfast under the sun, that is one of the pleasures of life.

Latest Japanese technology. This is the control panel for the TV interphone, hot water, air conditioning and security system.

Then upstairs we find the bedrooms.

The main bedroom, again with a wall of translucent windows. You can move the wardrobes to adapt them to the shape that you prefer for your bedroom furniture.

The second bedroom is also huge, and it has a loft! I am leaving you with the pictures of this 2nd floor and the roof balcony, from where you can see the beautiful Yodogawa river and Umeda’s skyscrapers.

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System counter kitchen, fiber optic internet, high security, pair glass, washing area, design mail box, downlights, balcony, terrace, built-in TV in the bath, anything you need to feel safe, comfortable and at home.

Come and have a look. And also have a look at the incredible price!

  • Rent: 163 000 yen/month
  • Deposit: one month
  • Key money: 326 000 yen
  • Community: 0

Just give us a call anytime!
Apamanshop Nodahanshin
〒553-0001 Osaka-shi, Fukushima-ku, Ebie 2-1-41
TEL:06-6343-6262 / FAX:06-6434-6263/ or

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