RE- series is a range of renovated retro-fitted houses. We are happy to present one of the few untis currently available in the very desireable area adjacent to Utsubo Park. The impressive RE 007

Located so close to Utsubo park the trees almost reach inside the balcony directly overlooking the park itself. It`s almost like having a house in the park, but without the blue tarpaulin and eating garbage.

As with most properties located in the areas around  Utsubo Park, and uncommon among apartments in osaka in general pets are allowed. When I viewed the house, I wanted a cat, and I don`t even like cats, I am allergic to cats, but if I lived here, I would get a cat. It should come with a cat included.

This apartment has been completely reformed into a very unique and interesting floorplan which uses the original space effectively. Impressive interior lighting, real tiled floors throughout and of course the latest trend in Japanese designer homes: see-through bathroom.

s Fortunately the bathroom in this unit has the advantage of a curtain, so you have the option to conduct your ablutions in private.

The tiled floor makes a much welcomed change, from the ubiquitous plastic “flooring” so common in apartments here in Japan. While plastic flooring has some advantages; it`s soft, so when I drop my Faberge egg collection, not all of them break, it is warmer in winter, etc. But nothing quite like the cleanliness of this shiny white big new tiles.

Please enjoy the pictures.

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  • Rent 80 000 yen per month 
  • Management fee 5000 yen per month
  • NO deposit
  • NO key money
Additional features include auto-lock entrance, fiber optic internet, air conditioning, security camera, indoor washing machine space, dual occupancy OK, pet friendly house, Home Office use OK.

Give us a call anytime!
Daiwa Homes Network
〒553-0002 Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Sonezakishinchi 2-6-21 Guild 7F
TEL:06-7670-7178 / FAX:06-7670-7188/

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