East Moat Koraibashi (a.k.a. The East Moat)

Good morning to everyone!
Thank you for all your visits yesterday. I am looking forward to more of your comments via e-mail. For some reason the readers of this blog prefer e-mail over blog comment 🙂

The property I am introducing today is a high-grade flat near Koraibashi, in the administrative centre of Osaka. (Pictures of the area, new and old, in Japanese.)

Currently this floor plan’s room is available. 1LDK  6 min to Kitahama and 8 min to Tenmabashi stations. It is indeed the most exclusive and expensive area of Osaka, but you can be sure of having a good quality home and the most convenient location.  By the beautiful entrance with auto-lock, security cameras and post corner you have also the parcel box area, where you can get your parcels delivered if you are not at home.

Apart from the quality of the materials, the design has been carefully finished to the detail. This beautiful interior includes 2 air conditioners (one for the living room and one for the bedroom), tile floor, tv monitor intercom, spotlights, automatic washlet type toilet, wash basin, walk-in closet, Sky Perfect Cable TV and Fiber Optic internet already installed and a large kitchen table for you to cook comfortably.

You can bring your pet, use the house as an office as well and no need to call directly to the internet company, you can have the contract included and pay only 50% of the line.

Let us have a look at this fantastic place:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More details?

  • Monthly rent: 115,000 yen for 1LDK of 39.21 ㎡ (available as for 2011 Oct. 13th)
  • 56.61 ㎡ is 141,000 yen/month, but it is not currently available. If you are interested, just give us a call asking for room availability and prices. In central Osaka, this changes every day.

Two possible plans to choose from:

  • 100,000 yen Deposit + 100,0000 yen Key money, or
  • No deposit + 150,000 yen Key money.

Need more pictures? Have a look in our Japanese website (English version is on the making!)

I’ll be waiting for you in our Shinsaibashi-nishi branch (opposite Amemura’s comic poster in Nagahori avenue), 3 min walk from Human Academy Japanese school, but you can ask in any of our branches all over Osaka and Hyogo ;).

Just give us a call anytime!
〒550-0014 Osaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Minamisenba 4-12-9
TEL:06-6120-1177 / mobile:090-6531-2001/ Mail:lidia@apamanshops.com or shinsaibashinishi@apamanshop-fc.com

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