Kitahama Console

Another splendid room today in the North part of Osaka.  Just 3 min walk to Kitahama station, Keihan and Sakaisuji lines.

I was just told today that a room has been open in this building and I wanted to show it to you. This 1LDK is so special because you get nothing less than 67.91 ㎡ !

Almost SIXTY EIGHT square meters of a fantastic design (yes, this one is also a designers’ mansion.)

How is this possible? Let us have a look at the floor plan.

There you have it. An impressive island kitchen and a super bedroom.

The interior is designed like this:

Feel like Jamie Oliver !

I have always wanted a bath in that shape. Isn’t it lovely? The only problem I see here is that I would not want to go to work, just stay home cooking, having long salt baths, doing yoga and all those things you can do when you live in a designers house… I would not go to the office. This house would be my office, actually -another feature of this property.

Of course a house like this in Kitahama needs to have every single detail to make your life easier: Washing machine space, warmlet washlet, fiber optic internet, TV intercom, CATV,  bike park, bicycle park,

How much does this wonder cost?

185000 yen a month (plus 2 months’ key money. No deposit)

Yes, but a regular 1LDK of half this size in Kitahama already costs 90 000 yen, so I recommend it for couples (he cooks while I take that salt bath…) ^o^…. *hohoho

I’ll be waiting for you in our Shinsaibashi-nishi branch (opposite Amemura’s comic poster in Nagahori avenue), 3 min walk from Human Academy Japanese school, but you can ask in any of our branches all over Osaka and Hyogo ;).

Just give us a call anytime!
〒550-0014 Osaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Minamisenba 4-12-9
TEL:06-6120-1177 / mobile:090-6531-2001/ or

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