Reunir Yuu

No guarantor needed for this large 1DK house in Den Den Town.

Usually, to move into a Japanese property you need a guarantor. The guarantor must be a Japanese person. In the best places, like really new houses in great locations, you also need a guarantor company (because many guarantors did breech their contracts during the crisis, and the landlords need some more guarantee for their properties).

Usually our foreign customers do not have a Japanese person who act as a guarantor for the rent. In those cases we use a guarantor company if the landlord agrees.

This is the case of Reunir Yuu. A fantastic property located a few minutes’ walk from Ebisucho station.

The room available at this moment is a 1LDK type of 40.14 m2 on the 6th floor.

Another special feature of this property is that you can actually choose how much you want to pay for the room. These are the possibilities:

  1. Option A
    • 93000 yen/month rent
    • 150,000 key money
    • 50,000 deposit
  2. Option B
    • 88000 yen/month rent
    • 270,000 key money
    • 50,000 deposit
  3. Option C
    • 99000 yen/month rent
    • No key money
    • 50,000 deposit

The kitchen is a modern system induction heating kitchen.

The property includes a Japanese “washlet”, the so-called “shampoo dresser”, which means that the tap from the wash basin can be extracted and use it to wash your hair or reach different areas (like a bottle, etc.), the fiber optic internet is already connected, so there is no need for works or for waiting the NTT people to come when they are available.

But still, what makes people decide themselves for this house is the unique hyper spacious walk-in closet. It is like a walk-in shoe box, which is connected with the closet. If you need a lot of storage space, this property is exactly what you are looking for. And if you live just by Den Den Town, you will probably end up needing a lot of storage space for all the anime goods.

Let us take a look at some more pictures of the different rooms that you can find in this apartment building:

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Just give us a call anytime!
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TEL:06-6543-1101 / mobile:090-6531-2001/ or

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