Zeque Namba Nishi

 I haven’t shown you houses from the -que series recently.  What a waste! There are currently 3 rooms available in the incredible Zeque Namba Nishi

This is a picture of the model room on the 9th floor. 

All rooms include a loft, and they are located by the river (see map) which divides Minami Horie and Saiwaicho (West of Namba). 

This is the view from the window, to give you a better idea:

There, there it is. Amidaike street on the right and the Dotombouri canal underneath.

The rooms are basically one large single room with a loft. There are two sizes: 34.53 m2 (Balcony to the East) and 18.36 m2 (balcony towards the North).

Let me remind you all the advantages of living in a Zeque series apartment: You live in a pretty new house (built Dec. 2008) in the center of Osaka city, by the trendiest area of Horie and the new developing area of Sakuragawa, which station is just 1 minute away from your door. To go to Namba, though, it is not necessary to use the train, because it is just 11 min walk to Yotsubashi, OCAT and Namba Hatch and its wonderful Riverside cafes and restaurants.

The designers really made this area a more beautiful place thanks to this amazing building.

Fiber optic internet, 2 gas stove system kitchen, which can be island-type or counter-type. Of course, air conditioning, and something that I am really missing this winter: floor heating.

A 24 assistance and security system equipped with 4 cameras, a shoe box and a space for the washing-machine.

A car park within the building can also be rented, prices depending on the size of the vehicle.

What is the best thing about this amazing structure? That it is a double zero property, this is, no key money and no deposit when you move in. To sum up, the rent is:

  •  71000 to 75000 yen depending on the height for the 18.36 m2 rooms.
  • 104000 yen for the 34.53 m2 room, but I am afraid that at this very moment (January 6th) it is not available.
  • Key money: 0
  • Deposit: 0
  • Car park space: 315000 to 34650 yen /month.
And now, the gallery: 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do not hesitate and come and see it now!

Just give us a call anytime!
〒550-0014 Osaka-shi, Nishi-ku, Kitahorie 2-1-15
TEL:06-6543-1101 / mobile:090-6531-2001/ Mail:lidia@apamanshops.com or kitahorie@apamanshop-fc.com

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