Luxury apartment by the park

Today I would like to show you just something beautiful that some of you might be interested in. GLASHAUS is a designers’ building where every flat has a window corridor, called “sun room” in Japanese. The house is bright without being cold in winter, and is transparent without loosing its intimacy.

This is a view of the rotemburo or Japanese style open air bath on the top floor.

Let us have a look at the interiors:

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Ready to move in?

There is currently a family size room available on the 11th floor, with a great view to the tennis court. A complete 2LDK with nothing less than 172.68 m2. That is the biggest place that we have published until now.

The rent is 750,000 yen per month, ideal for a family, for sharing or for single people who like to invest in design and luxury.

If you would like to see it, just give us a call or send an email


〒550-0014 Osaka-shi, Nishi-ku, Kitahorie 2-1-15
mobile:090-6531-2001 or

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