RE-001 finally open! A special house for designers

RE-001, Flagship of the REnovation series.

For singles, or couples, the 66.85 m2 1LDK has plenty of space area for you to enjoy. RE is a series of renovated apartments built around a full new design concept. While retaining the warmth and feeling of the original building structure, these properties utilise brand new interior design construction and materials. A huge adavntage of these types of properties are, because the building is no longer new, the apartments are not as pricy as they would be in a newly constructed building.

RE-001 is located in one of our favourite spots, Minamihorie 1-chome. Just blocks from the ever-trendy and groovy designer’s furniture, hair stylists, and fashion enclave on Orange Street. A choice of three nearby parks, 4 min walk to Yotsubashi line’s Yotsubashi station, 4 min to Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi line’s Nishiohashi station and 4 min to Sennichimae’s Sakuragawa station. Bakeries, fashionable restaurants, tapas bars and italian eateries, and a highly recommended German bakery will keep you from straying too far from home. You will not have too many reasons to leave the area. Another reason to never leave is the “SOHO OK” lease condition, Small Office, Home Office, this means you can register your business here, and work from home.

This floorplan shows the layout of the largest unit. The concept is as follows:

A large, brightly lit space welcomes you at the entrance, which can easily be used as an office, a photo studio, or your living area. The space is enclosed by a rotating wall which doubles as a door. With the door closed to make two rooms: one a bright bedroom or staff room full of windows- or leave it open making one big room with a central wall for your desk, art pieces, etc.

Location: here.

Rent for the large room on the 4th floor is 172,300 yen/month.

The price includes:

  • 66.85 m2 free space
  • the management fee of 10,000 yen
  • the neighborhood fee of 300 yen
  • auto-lock entrance
  • system kitchen
  • huge closet
  • office use



Give us a call anytime!

Daiwa Homes Network
〒553-0002 Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Sonezakishinchi 2-6-21 Guild 7F
TEL:06-7670-7178 / FAX:06-7670-7188/



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