Special offer only until the end of April!! -sakura blooms in tenmabashi

… by the side of one of our favourite designers’ rooms: G-FLAT.

In this post, let us have a walk from the station to the flat, shall we?

So if we take the Tozai line, we step out in Osaka jo Kitazume station.

 We could have used Tenmabashi or Kyobashi stations, but this one is inside a park,

the weather is nice and there are thousand of people enjoying a picnic under the sakura trees.

Then we arrive to the building. Note that it is just by the river. This flats has a privileged view to the cherry blossoms in Spring and the fireworks by the river in Summer.

Let us enter the building…

Let us go to the 5th floor first.

entrance & shoe box

This is the apartment. White, large…

monitor intercom, floor heating, hot water temperature remote controller…

and with an impressive view from the large roof balcony:

Now let us go to the 3rd floor. In this case the bedroom is as large as the living-dining room

super large shoe box

all open

separated bedroom when the shoji doors are closed

washing machine inside the room, wash basin, separated bath area…

Everything you could want in a Japanese designer home. The room on the 5th floor is 156000 yen/month, one month deposit and currently no key money required.

The room on the 3rd floor is 125000/month, one month deposit and no key money required.

Only two rooms available at the moment, but there will be another one available very soon on the top floor. Can’t wait to go and show it to you.

Have a nice day and enjoy the sakura ^___^


Just give us a call anytime!
〒530-0002 Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Sonezakishinchi 2-6-21
TEL:06-7670-7178 / mobile:090-6531-3709/ Mail:info@daiwahomes.co.jp

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