Shinsaibashi super-bright designers room (2)

Second post today for this beautiful building in the very heart of Osaka.

This is the A-type room, which costs around 133000 yen, depending on the floor.

dream kitchen

In this unit, the kitchen is a uniquely designed extended island kitchen with a large surface for prepping all your home cooked treats. Seat your guests while cooking and create a long and fun dinner party.

The A-type LDK floorplan:

and some pictures of the beautiful interior:

doors open

more doors open! (the perfect wardrobe)

style in the bathroom

let me see this vitro-ceramic countertop closely

As usual, just give us a call to check the availability of these rooms.


Just give us a call anytime!
〒530-0002 Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Sonezakishinchi 2-6-21
TEL:06-7670-7178 / mobile:090-6531-3709/



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