Grand Front Owner`s Tower

So, the other day, we decided to see what all the fuss was about, and took a look inside a few apartments in the Grand Front Osaka Owner`s Tower. Unfortunately, the top floor multi-million dollar properties are not available to be viewed without appointment. Also, we were a bit scared of breaking something so we took a look at a few of the more affordable apartments.

CIMG0051tasteful well appointed kitchen

CIMG0053 Open floorplan

CIMG0057 High tech security as you would expect in this type of residence

CIMG0059generous balcony

CIMG0060 how about that view?

CIMG0061 looking north towards Shin Osaka and beyondCIMG0062 overlooking Hankyu Nakatsu station

CIMG0063 CIMG0064 CIMG0065 CIMG0066 CIMG0073 CIMG0074 that marble

CIMG0035 CIMG0036 CIMG0037 CIMG0039 CIMG0040 CIMG0041 CIMG0043 CIMG0044 CIMG0045 CIMG0046 CIMG0047 CIMG0048 CIMG0049


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