UR Renovations

Part of the “Urban Renaissance” that is occurring in and around the Danchi properties throughout Japan is the “renovation” trend.

While renovations, and “home improvement” have become quite common in western culture,  Japanese rental agreements prevent alterations by the tenant.


In recent years however, more and more properties are being renovated in an effort to breathe life into properties which have lost some of the appeal they used to hold. Many of these properties are privately owned “danchi” apartments, UR managed properties, and promotional collaborations between UR and interior design and furnishing company s like MUJI.

While many privately owned apartment buildings are designed to be pulled down every 30-40years, many of the Danchi properties in UR network are more than 50 years old. To make these properties appealing to younger people, and new families, many of the older properties are being renovated to accommodate newer lifestyles and their changing tastes and needs.

img_danchi_03 sub03

Open plan living spaces are replacing more traditional compartmentalized apartments. Pine, cedar, and even bamboo flooring panels are replacing tatami. Low, false ceilings are stripped back to reveal the reinforced concrete skeleton and vascular pipe pathways of these buildings, giving them a second chance to provide accommodation for the new generation of their original demographic; young families.


Some of these renovations represent a new conscious decision by many of Japanese younger generation to adopt a lifestyle of sustainability and (possibly) less consumption. Some of these more consciously executed renovations involve the use of renewable and recycled materials, non-pollutant adhesives and sealants, as well as energy-saving construction methods.


Original water supply and heating mechanisms are being replaced by new, more efficient energy-saving systems, drafty doors and windows make way for new, safer and better-insulated options.


These improvements help new families to save a little cash, live a more comfortable home life, and feel better about doing their part for Japan`s current energy situation and the environment in general.

This movement away from the NEW, to the renewed, is still a small part of the changing face of Japan`s current society, but an important one.

To learn more about UR renovated properties, and selected order-made renovation options, please contact us at:



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