Earth day house

Today is the Earth day, so let us make up to the 70th post in this blog celebrating. Today I have chosen to show you this house called Aqua Place Osaka Legend because of its fusion with nature. This building also holds the Good Design Award.

Aqua Place Osaka Legend

Its transparent walls, contrasts and the fact that it faces a park makes its light pure and green.

bucolic living

This is not a resort or a fancy restaurant, you could be living here, relaxing and letting the light come trough the glasses.

the very sexy see-through bath

Some of the pictures feature furniture, because they belong to the model rooms set for the opening.

lion leg bath tub... (sigh*)

in a place like this ANY furniture looks gorgeous

Let us see some pictures of the maisonette type:

counter & kitchen

stairs to the bedroom and to this...

...amazing bathtub!


Right now the 3rd floor is open, a 1LDK of 134000 yen/month.

Come and see this wonder and other places to call your home


Just give us a call anytime!
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Shinsaibashi super-bright designers room (2)

Second post today for this beautiful building in the very heart of Osaka.

This is the A-type room, which costs around 133000 yen, depending on the floor.

dream kitchen

In this unit, the kitchen is a uniquely designed extended island kitchen with a large surface for prepping all your home cooked treats. Seat your guests while cooking and create a long and fun dinner party.

The A-type LDK floorplan:

and some pictures of the beautiful interior:

doors open

more doors open! (the perfect wardrobe)

style in the bathroom

let me see this vitro-ceramic countertop closely

As usual, just give us a call to check the availability of these rooms.


Just give us a call anytime!
〒530-0002 Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Sonezakishinchi 2-6-21
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Bright maisonette by Shinsaibashi shopping arcade

Just blocks from Shinsaibashi arcade, in the Minamisenba area, just behind Tokyu Hands.

There are several rooms available right now, and we would like to show you the 12th floor maisonette. Fantastic transportation options with 4 different subway stations and a choice of 7 different lines. Nagahori avenue and Nanba to the South, Honmachi business area to the North, Matsuyamachi and more of Minamisenba best restaurants to the East, Midosuji avenue and the Shinsaibashi shopping arcade to the West.

Check out that island kitchen and the size of the balcony

cook up a storm in this island kitchen

concrete wall, a designers room staple

brightest living area in Shinsaibashi

Going downstairs…

To the bedroom and bathroom areas.

this is a “walk through” closet

to the bedroom

and all its natural light

beautifully tiled bathroom

the bath

of course there is a clothes dryer in the bath

hot water temperature remote controller

the heart of the city 都心

The maisonette costs 196000 per month. A great price for an apartment this size and in this unbeatable location. Please call us if you want to have a look at this or any other properties.

Oh! and FREE INTERNET is included in the rent.


Just give us a call anytime!
〒530-0002 Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Sonezakishinchi 2-6-21
TEL:06-7670-7178 / mobile:090-6531-3709/