Directions from Hanshin Umeda Station

Hanshin Umeda – West Exit


Turn right out of the ticket gates and head straight for about 50m and there is an escalator on the left.



Take the escalator up to street level.



At the top of the escalator, turn around and there is a big intersection.


Walk across the intersection, and head right, towards the Hilton hotel.


Keeping the Hilton on your left, continue to follow the road around to the left.


You will come to another large intersection. SAKURABASHI.  Look for the sign.


First, cross the one-way road on your right –


then turn left and cross the main two-way road on your left. The Family Mart should be behind you.

阪神電車⑧ JR大阪駅 桜橋口⑤

Once you have crossed the intersection, turn right.


Keep walking, past the Media Cafe…


Past the Docomo shop…


Past the traffic signal, there is a Lawson convenience store on the left.


You made it! Our office is in the Copper colored building next to the Lawson. There is a cycling-wear shop on the first floor. We are on the 7th floor.


April 1st Osaka meeting

Good morning!

Every month, all sale staff members of Osaka have a meeting in the morning before going to their respective offices.

In this picture, surprised Otah and Kumata just arrived at the HQ. Sleepy faces at the start of the meeting…20120401-094028.jpg

But after the meeting everyone is happy and ready to start a new year full of energy!

In this picture, the No. 1 in popularity among our customers in each shop: Nasu on the right, Shinsaibashi-nishi’s girls’ favourite, and Inoue on the left, just arrived to Kitahorie but he is already had more satisfied contract signs that any of his veteran colleagues. Ah,  youth is so powerful…

Have a nice day, everyone! (^  D  ^) /